Policies, Rules and Regulations, and Authorities of Security Guards

Security officers are a type of law enforcement who have less training than police officers but still have a regulated amount of authority within the area they are working as security. The main duty of security officers is to enforce the rules, regulations and procedures as outlined by their employer. Their primary purpose is to dissuade anyone from criminal activity on their premise.

Security officers are sometimes armed with guns once they have the proper permits and have more arresting power than an average citizen. Armed guards tend to make more than what unarmed guards make as far as hourly wages.

Training to become an armed or unarmed security guard varies from state to state. Majority of states require security guards to be licensed or registered in the state as part of the training requirement.

The requirements for a security guard in the United States include:

  • ·         Most states require the applicant to be 18 years or older.
  • ·         You must be a high school graduate or equivalency certification holder.
  • ·         You must be a U.S. citizen or residency alien.
  • ·         You must complete training on emergency procedures, property rights and state laws involving detection of potential criminals.
  • ·         You must pass a drug test and may undergo periodic drug testing.
  • ·         A stringent background check is performed.

The job description of a security guard is to detect, deter, observe, and report. A security guard patrols designated areas to prevent signs of intrusion. Often in cases of crime, a security guard is the only person standing in the way. A security guard may also interview witnesses or victims, prepare case reports, and testify in court.

This is not an easy career, nor a career without risks of injury or death. Security guard employment is not difficult to find, especially not for those with prior law enforcement, military, or security experience. Even those with no experience will find many open positions as well.

Security guards can make a competitive salary with great retirement benefits. Jobs with more reputable security agencies may require higher education and previous security experience.

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