Disaster Relief Security Guards and Services

Each year, disasters put thousands of people in danger. When life is interrupted by disaster, people need helping putting their lives back together, communities require assistance to be rebuilt, and authority figures need help maintaining the peace.

Security Resources’ skilled disaster relief guards have the necessary experience needed to deal with the aftermath of a disaster, which can range from handing out water to victims to simply offering a helping hand or verbal support. Security guard efforts vary and can make dealing with the aftermath of a disaster easier.

A proven partner in disaster response, Security Resources responds time and time again.  In 2005, the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina was only compounded by the Government’s slow response and dispatch of the National Guards. However, Security Resources’ XpressGuard service had over 300 Katrina locations covered with security personnel, 32 of them within the first 24 hours, well before the Government was able to mobilize. Security Resources has continued their disaster response service for major storms including Hurricane Sandy that had devastating impact in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Maintaining safety during a time of crisis is a unique mission for disaster relief guards, and Security Resources’ staff have the training and skills necessary to take on such a mission.

Trust the professionals at Security Resources to have the unique skill-set and professional experience you need when disaster strikes. They are equipped to handle disaster alarm responses, with a team of emergency guards that can provide the protection needed in a disastrous event.

Security Resources provides proven security solutions.

Long-Term Service

A set, ongoing schedule for guard service.

Short-Term Service

Whether you need 2 days or 2 months of guard service, we can help.

Emergency Service

When an urgent situation arises, have a guard on site quickly.

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Unarmed Guards

Hire professional, licensed, trained, and uniformed security guards.

Armed Guards

Know you’re covered by local and federal laws with our armed guards.

Marked Patrol Vehicles

For a noticeable security presence, request a guard in a marked car.

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