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Warehouse operations require more than just logistics; protecting warehouse stock from theft plays a vital role. Some people look at warehouse storage as an unavoidable cost, while others see it as a necessary service. Regardless, warehouses are an important component to a successful business.

In order to keep warehouse stock safe from theft, security surveillance should be set up. This allows monitoring of the warehouse. Security footage from surveillance cameras can provide evidence for prosecution. In addition, keeping employees abreast to security and theft policies can minimize warehouse theft. The strongest defense against warehouse theft is by keeping security personnel on staff. This is especially effective during overnight shifts. With the proper training and experience, a security guard can make all the difference in protecting a warehouse.

Security Resources has staff equipped to protect warehouse storage. Our clients include food and merchandise distributors who turned to Security Resources for comprehensive security solutions. As a result, they minimized loss and stolen merchandise as well as provided overall site security. Security Resource’s security experts will conduct a risk assessment site survey which can be utilized to implement a customized security procedure plan specific to the site.

When it comes to protecting warehouse stock, trust the experts at Security Resources. They have a thorough knowledge and understanding of warehouse theft and are equipped to handle security breaches.

Security Resources provides proven security solutions.

Long-Term Service

A set, ongoing schedule for guard service.

Short-Term Service

Whether you need 2 days or 2 months of guard service, we can help.

Emergency Service

When an urgent situation arises, have a guard on site quickly.

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Unarmed Guards

Hire professional, licensed, trained, and uniformed security guards.

Armed Guards

Know you’re covered by local and federal laws with our armed guards.

Marked Patrol Vehicles

For a noticeable security presence, request a guard in a marked car.

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