How to Become a Security Guard in Arizona


Unarmed and Unarmed Security Guard Requirements in Arizona

Arizona is the sixth largest and the 14th most populous state in the US. It is also home to the Grand Canyon, which attracts approximately 4.5 million visitors each year. Arizona is one of the few states where security guard training is not always required before applying for a security guard position, making it a great place to begin your career.

Unarmed Security Guard Requirements in Arizona

While there is no training required, there are different licensing requirements depending on your employment.

  • You must be licensed if you work for an individual security guard agency or contractor
  • You don’t need a license if you are working directly for a private company

If you do require a security license, keep in mind you cannot legally wear a security guard uniform until you obtain an Arizona security license from the Arizona Department of Public Safety Licensing Unit. If you need a security license to become an Arizona security guard, follow the steps below. Fees total $72.

  • If you’re employed by a Department of Public Safety certified security guard agency, you will need to complete the employer section of the registration application.
  • Complete the employee section (Part B)  with your signature.
  • Submit to proper fingerprinting and a criminal background check.
  • Submit a color passport-sized photograph of your face.
  • Complete the eight-hour pre-assignment unarmed training course. Arizona security guard training includes topics such as criminal law and laws of arrest, uniform and grooming, use of force, and emergency response procedures.
  • Submit the training verification, signed by you, the instructor, and the qualifying party or resident manager.
  • Pay the $50 registration fee and the $22 FBI fingerprinting certification fee to the Department of Public Licensing.

Armed Security Guard Requirements in Arizona

To become an armed security guard in Arizona, you must complete state-required security training, which must be renewed each year. Applicants must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • submit fingerprints
  • submit two passport-style photos
  • submit proof of identification such as a copy of your driver’s license or passport
  • not have been convicted of a felony, sexual offense, or crime that questions the honesty and integrity of the person
  • take and pass the required examination and qualification

The training course will cover force laws, firearm marksmanship, legal issues, liability, and more. Fees total $122.

Licensing Body: Arizona Department of Public Safety Licensing Unit, Forms and Instructions

Law: ARS 32-2606

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