How to Become a Security Guard in Virginia


Unarmed and Unarmed Security Guard Requirements in Virginia

As the diverse economy continues to boom, Virginia needs more professionals in the security guard industry. From finance and technology to tourism and agriculture, many Virginia-based industries need additional security for their communities. A Virginia security training license differs from other states with a more extensive training course, so it’s important to ensure that you follow requirements carefully.

Unarmed Security Guard Requirements in Virginia

To become an unarmed security guard in Virginia, you must follow the below requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • No drug or alcohol use or dependence
  • Submission to drug testing
  • Submission to fingerprinting
  • You may not have had any felony convictions
  • You must successfully complete an 18-hour course and pass a written examination at the completion of training

The course will cover laws and regulations that are specific to Virginia, including proper documentation, spotting signs of terrorism, use of force, writing reports, and confrontation management. The fee for the initial two-year registration is $25 and the fingerprinting fee is $50.

Armed Security Guard Requirements in Virginia

The requirements for an armed security guard in Virginia are similar to those of an unarmed guard, but the state also requires a firearm endorsement and firearm training. Firearm training covers topics such as arrest powers, liability policies and procedures, marksmanship, and gun handling. The firearm endorsement is an additional fee of $10.

Once you’ve completed security guard requirements in Virginia and have become licensed, Security Resources is always searching licensed armed and unarmed guards to join our team. Whether you’re looking for a part-time job or an enriching full-time job, don’t wait to begin your new career in a booming industry – get started in Virginia today.

Licensing Body: Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services

Law: 6 VAC 20-171-120

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