Security guards professionally trained and managed by industry experts.

We send qualified guards with detailed, customized post orders to your locations and give you insight into shift coverage with our custom tracking technology.


Security Guards

Our security guard service extends well beyond a uniform and schedule — it’s about people.

When it comes to vetting guards and sharing industry-proven knowledge, Security Resources has the first-hand experience needed to maintain a personal touch while implementing security plans throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.


Whether you need a high-end luxury guard or a security guard in tactical dress, our team of professionals can craft a plan and send the appropriate guard to cover your unique situation. For the last 20 years, we’ve uniformed, trained, deployed, and supervised security guards for every situation imaginable.

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All of our guards are

  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • Uniformed
  • Trained

Hire Security Resources for Any Situation

We’re here to help understand your security needs, assess the situation, and suggest a security plan to keep your people and property safe. When researching what type of security guard to hire, it’s important to consider the unique aspects of your environment, risk-level, and industry.


Unarmed Guards

A visible security presence with a uniformed, unarmed guard can diffuse situations before they begin, and quickly resolve security risks if they do arise.


Armed Guards

Carrying a weapon is a serious responsibility that requires extensive training. Rely on our knowledge of laws, insurance requirements, and extensive vetting of armed security guards.


High-End Luxury Guards

Luxury retail businesses need a security presence with a focus on hospitality and a background in security.


Off-Duty Police Officers

For a security presence with added authority, extensive, professional training, and on-the-ground experience, request an off-duty police officer to cover your critical security guard needs.


Marked Patrol Vehicles

When you need to have a visible, roving security presence, choose a security guard in a marked patrol vehicle to protect your property.


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We’ll send guards to your location — and our expertise.

Ground-Up Experience

Over the years, our leadership has filled every security role you can think of, from standing post to writing post orders. Where your security experience ends, ours is just beginning.

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Field Operations and Supervision

Getting a guard on site is only the first step. Our field operations teams make sure guards are doing their job — well — with regular scheduled and unscheduled check-ins.

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We’ve been open every day for more than 20 years, never outsourcing our calls or account managers. If you need help, someone familiar with your account is always available.

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